Why Imran Khan’s divorce is none of our business?

Stop being nosy and get on with your lives, Imran Khan's marriage is over with Reham

National media along social media took Imran and Reham’s parted marriage as the most critical topic.

News of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s divorce made me realize that we love to be nosy in others matters and personal lives. The news was actually given weeks ago by Senior Journalist Arif Nizami, after which he faced the anger and tantrum on Social media and in person by the party leadership and PTI lovers.

After Reham and IK’s parted ways, we saw bombardment on social media with a lot of nosy and disgusting comments; from both supporters and rivals.

Many female supporters of Mr. Khan were cursing and blaming Reham on social media for the divorce and a bundle of them were delighted that Mr. Khan is single again. Why these women are so happy on being him single again? Those who are now calling Reham an opportunist used to quench their throats by calling her National Bhabhi. Is it an ethical response to your leader’s divorce?

As the news began hitting channels, we saw many misogynists. who claimed Mr. Khan made a wrong choice by marrying a female journalist. What he did now is the best he can do. All news channels were repeatedly taking people on air and asking their opinion about Imran and Reham’s divorce news, what put me in shock that majority of them said Reham was brought up in an open society and she was a journalist as well, so it was obvious that the two couldn’t stay longer for being different on their personalities and ideologies.

When the news channels cannot get enough of it, some started taking opinion from Reham’s makeup artist. What sort of relationship these two were sharing and after that those tarot card readers and astrologers were heard saying on national esteemed news channels that we had told this marriage would not work for longer. They were also giving advises to the broken couple which they didn’t even asked for. So please Mr. Khan next time you think about getting married, ask those astrologers first either you will have a successful life or not.

I saw no sense of ethical journalism when this news got on aired. Whenever and whatever channel you switched, any X,Y,Z was giving opinion on Reham and Imran’s divorce and predicting their future lives. For heaven’s sake stop being like a nosy relative and get on with other major issues now.We have many more other things than keep discussing their broken marriage. Leave them alone and let their families get through this bad moment.

While many rivals were heard saying that a man with broken relationships is not capable of being a candidate for running a country, it just reminded me of American president Bill Clinton whose extra marital affair with Monica Lewinsky got so much hype but he was the President of United States of America at the same time; and he was running his country pretty well. While his marriage was on verge of breakup but they somehow managed not to be divorced.

When we would stop judging people and realize that even a public figure has a personal life and they should be sometimes left alone for the sake of their privacy. Even if they made their wedding a public affair, does it mean the divorce should also be a public matter and kept been discussed while we had local bodies election, and many other major concerns. Did someone noticed Pakistan lost seat in Human Rights council? Did someone tried to inquire why did it happen? But they were so oblivious to know from Reham’s makeup artist what type of relationship the couple was having in past few days. 

Here we are busy in discussing a broken marriage and criticizing the couple who is done now, but we are not.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of TLP and TLP does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ahmad Imran

    November 6, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    If you make your wedding a media sensation , Broadcast each and every moment of your wedding on National television (By getting paid that is -_-) , And for the nest ten month’s broadcast all of your married life on National TV and show it anywhere and everywhere. If we call a women “National Bhabhi” even and at time of divorce make the Party Spokesperson announce the divorce (Was she married to Khan or PTI I wonder ?) and expect no one to comment on them. Yeah good luck with that. It could’ve been avoided had they themselves not been responsible for this.

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