Future and barriers for e-Government in Pakistan

e-government in Pakistan

Future and barriers for e-Government in Pakistan

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the new big things in the world of IT. Where the ruling government of Punjab is trying to boost the IT sector it must not forget what the innovations we need for now. That is the latest phenomena which is not much more latest in the international world, i.e.e- Government.

What is an e-Government?

As the name depicts, it is electronic government but not only electronic. The use of technology for making urban and rural services better is called e-Government. Which is successfully working in many countries. While India is also planning to introduce this in Delhi by making it a smart city.

It is the flow of information and deliverance of public services in a better and faster way, which depicts the efficency and progress of any government.

e-Government in Pakistan

A recent conference held in Islamabad addressed the issue of an effective architecture, standards and implementation of e-government in Pakistan for discussion.

The future of ICT industry, digital economy, and e-government is bright, but we surely need a push to lead us. As experts say that Pakistan has actually missed the emerging phase and is directly entered into the second phase, which is causing problems for no information flow. Authorities must look into this matter and consequently we get out of the emerging phase and go with a smooth stream for more advancement.

Being an agricultural state, e- government cannot only give us better services in urban areas but it will be helpful for rural development as well. A major issue is the language barrier since the majority of the websites are in the English language and local language content is not much local as well.

Technology can be used for making the English content transferred into local and regional languages and rather than sending the information in a textual form, a video graphics form can be more useful. Now almost all of us has smartphones and conveying a message in regional languages through video graphics messages is easy and effective for communication.

Future of e-government in Pakistan is very shining but if it is not taken properly then we need a decade or more to transform our manual systems into digital ones.

Here it is also important to say that e-government is not digitizing all your data but it is to improve and advance the organizational processes. That will lead to more precision resulting into better public services delivery.

The panelists in the above-mentioned conference revealed that in Pakistan ICT is the highest tax paying sector while the growth rate is smaller as compared to the taxes.

No effective policy is one of the hurdles in making the ICT sector flourish in Pakistan which is also keeping us one step back from other countries who are developing e-government.

We need policies, policy makers along stakeholders to work for bringing this international phenomenon into life in Pakistan to digitize the system and make it work properly.

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