Letter To Pakistanis Who Are Against Changing Their DP To France Flag

Dear Pakistanis!

I recently read your letter on and couldn’t help but notice how you accused me of committing discrimination. You got yourself a higher moral ground and portrayed as if the sole pain of victims of any man-slaughter is owned by you. You imply that I am lesser Muslim because I feel pain for French people and you are more virtuous because you feel only for the “Muslim Ummah”? Well mister, it’s not.

Yeah, truly said that charity begins at home but where was this generous sentiment when Europe welcomed the Syrian refugees and all opulent Muslim countries watched the show? That’s why I stand with them. It was France who observed nation-wide marches against the Iraq invasion in 2002. Their public put pressure on their government to stop French troops but the government did it anyway. That’s why I stand with French people because they did what they can. It was the French people who showed their solidarity with Iraqi people. Above all, they did so not because Iraq had majority Muslim population but only because it is was matter of human life.

Let me ask you, by the way, you mentioned that I never mourn the people dying in Syria, Iraq and Libya etc. How do you know that? What is matter with people like you who are always judging the people around? Changing the DP is your standard to measure how much pain one is feeling? How pathetic! They French people started a campaign (by the way which you could’ve started on Syria, Iraq or any victimized country and you didn’t) and I along with many people joined them but your myopic mentality won’t let you understand that.

My dear Pakistani, It is not me who discriminates among people it is you. For you a murder of Muslim weighs more than an infidel’s but for me both murders are equally wrong. Go and see what Quran says “Whoever?kills?a?person?[innocent person]…it is as though he has?killed all mankind.” Does it discriminate between Muslim and non-Muslim murder? How can you, then, on your own draw that line and be righteous? Now your genius would imply off course they aren’t innocent because they pay taxes, wouldn’t it? Then what about if our state does something wrong and the victimized opposite starts exploding bombs in our civilian populations by the same logic? Would it be justified? If same logic applies to you then Taliban were right in their doings and I can’t argue with you any further.

Now come to the part where you implied that I don’t criticize West in this whole situation. Before coming to the part tell me one thing, do you really know what this situation is? This whole situation is focused on the politics of KSA and Syria or more of a sectarian conflict. Yes! Sectarian, for both side in this war are Muslims, and the rest of the countries are the supporting actors in this game. “Why not blame KSA?” “Sorry, that’s a Muslim country”. “Ok but why not blame Syria?” “Oops! That’s a Muslim country too”…… Daily, my friends, on daily basis people die on both sides of the border. And the fun is that you and I haven’t got any USA or UK to blame on this time. It is us, it is all us my friend. The murderer and the victim both are Muslims; tell me which DP to put on please? Tell me if I should be wearing Saudi flag or Syrian one?

The West learnt its lesson six hundred ago to never kill anybody in the name of religion but we haven’t. Do you see how genocide of “hazaara” people is executed in Pakistan? How the bombs are blasted in Shrines and Shia processions? Dear Pakistani, do we even have respect for human life? Well, we don’t even care and respect human life ourselves then how can we expect any other country to do that for us?

Be it Europe or USA, they learned the worth of human life and they respect it (at least for their own citizens) but do we realize it? If we were so respectful of human life then there hadn’t been any debates in our society about whether to launch operation against Taliban or not? It took about more than 45 thousand deaths of Pakistanis plus 7 years to realize that the state should operate against them; that is quite an example of our respect for human life. Isn’t it? We can’t even build consensus against our enemy. What a joke!?

Dear Pakistani, learn how to give benefit of doubt and try to understand that there is no substitute to human life. A murder in Peshawar is as bad as in Paris for we all bleed red, we all feel pain and we all are humans.

16 November, 2015

Khuda Hafiz

Salman Mushtaque

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1 Comment

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