Pak-China Economic Corrdior has major challenges to face

Pakistan China Economic Corridor will spark Pakistan’s economy, but corruption, lack of transparency and militancy are its major challenges.

The Pak-China Economic Corridor is an ongoing development project which aims to connect Gwadar, southwestern Pakistan to Northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang, China. The project that consists of construction and up gradation of roads, oil and gas pipelines, railway tracks and an international airport in Gwadar, promises to make Pakistan an economic power in the world, and Gwadar and economic hub of the region.

But Pak-China Economic Corridor doesn’t promise wonders just for Pakistan, China stands to gain just as much, if not more, from the initiative. China will gain easier access to the Middle East and Africa, shorter routes and lesser cost will greatly benefit energy-importing China. A land-locked Western China will become economically vibrant, which would in turn bring development to the region and subsequently eliminate militancy and unrest caused by the movements like Ughyhur’s Xinjiang Conflict.

Naturally, this treaty has turned a lot of heads, and no country is more obsessed with Pakistan than India. India has shown its serious concerns to Chinese Government and has termed it “unacceptable” –a stance which has been criticized by Pakistan.

There are indications that Americans have been encouraging China to play its role in Afghanistan but a few Pakistanis believe that American influence is likely to significantly recede from this region.

Experts say Pak-China Economic Corridor will create jobs and spark economic activity in Pakistan but transparency, corruption, timely execution of Pak-China deals and militancy are a few extreme challenges to Pak-China Economic Corridor. Political dispute over route of corridor is yet another challenge to it.

Beside all the challenges, The Logical Pakistani appreciates the efforts made by both Chine and Pakistani

government on Pak China Economic Corridor. The Logical Pakistani hopes that the corridor project will change lives of all Pakistanis for better, which will be the main guarantee for its success.




Source: PT

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