Pakistani Boy Becomes The Youngest MS Office Specialist

A 5-year-old Pakistani boy  Zidane Hamid -has become the  World youngest MS Office professional by passing the Microsoft certification in MS Office 2010.

Muhammad Zidane Hamid,from Rawalpindi, scored 769 while the required score is 700.

Zidane sat the Microsoft Certified Professional at the Microsoft Institute Islamabad in the last week and was issued the certification which states: “Microsoft confirms that Muhammad Zidane Hamid has successfully completed the requirements to be recognised as a Microsoft Office specialist for Office Word 2010”.

Zidane will be considered the youngest Microsoft Office Professional who cleared the exam at age 5. Before himThe youngest Microsoft Office Professional is also a Pakistani, Muhammad Humza Shahzad who cleared the exam last year  at the age of 6.

 Zidane Hamid who is 5 years old.At his age majority of us start going to school while he has done it all. You name it be it Chemistry, Physics, Bio be it covalent bonds, periodic table in 50 seconds,Surface tension,bones in human body,or be it the philosophy of Jinnah and Iqbal or be it the legacy of great Muhammad Ali you just ask him and he will tell you everything.

At just 4 he has been delivering lectures in school to students of class 6-8. He is surely the Youngest Professor aims to be a Scientist in future and is known by Chemistry coackroach at such an early age.
Source of Inspiration for many of us.
We at TheLogicalPakistani are proud of this little gem and wish him best of luck for his future ventures.

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