WEST wiping out terrorists or mankind?

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I am a Muslim. No one can snip my thoughts and believes off my mind and heart. Can i be a moderate picture of a Muslim? I have friends all around the world including Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains because i cannot treat individuals as nations. Can i portray a soften image of my religion?

I often ask these sublime questions to myself. But the answer is always NO.

Despite the fact that I am not an extremist by nature but it did not occur to me overnight. Being a Muslim child my upbringing was not as abrasive as one can imagine. I was being told that my religion teaches tolerance in every walk of life. Since my childhood I had Christian friends around me but we never discussed religion among us.
But does it really matter? Specially after the recent carnage happened in Paris left behind 129 dead and several injured that shacked the world cap a pie. For now I am not sure how the world perceives my actions. However I love the humanity irrespective of their religion, race, caste and creed.

Moreover it seems to me every individual carrying Muslim identity is suspected and subjected to penalization for what he did not committed. For the worst I am also mistreated and clapper-clawed by those who are chanting the slogan of slaughter all non Muslims. They consider me as a bad name for Muslims because I am a moderate Muslim and I let the other people live in peace and harmony as I wish for myself.

This is not only my voice but of countless moderate Muslims who are broken heart over the Paris incident and do not tell it apart from the victims of Beirut attack, Syrian war, Israel Palestine conflict and from the wash-backs of Burma’s roughshod over Muslim.

I know this matter is very sensitive but as I ventured into this gloomy valley of accusation I find nothing but horrors. France has increased airstrikes to an extensive level against ISIS by declaring Paris incident an act of war. This is so subtle in nature that innocent people are being held responsible for this wrong deed. Israeli president Netanyahu pronounced that innocent people in Paris like those in London, Madrid, Mumbai and in Jerusalem are the victims of Islamic terrorism. He asserted that the Islamic terrorist want to kill our civilization and values, having said so he called upon the world to unified defeat this rough and plague of terrorism.

I beg to differ that it is not Islamic terrorism but radical fundamentalist who are trying to gain power in the name of religion like what Israeli government is doing in Gaza cannot be considered as Jewish terrorism. These extremist also want to kill every Muslim who will try to surface a soft and polite image of Islam. They are selling the dead bodies of innocent people to serve their own purpose. They are not different from those who sell their martyrs and justify their means.

I want to tell the world don’t rate us as the supporter of ISIS, Taliban, or of any other Muslim or non Muslim radical organization. We are the very victims of such thoughts.

Muslims are being squashed from the both sides and they have no way out of this wretched life. Afghan and Iraq war are epitomes of it. How the US and its allies destroyed the social fabric, infrastructure and social values there and now when they are being defeated, leaving behind bundle of extremist who have already hijacked these societies. Furthermore history is being forced to repeat itself in Syria again. The rationalists of west bespeak not to interfere in the eastern countries and combat terrorism with wisdom. War is not a solution though.

West’s intention to remove Bashar al assad in Syria causing ISIS the strength that they need. Iran seems to be active after the Paris attacks and favoring assad’s regime which would be resulted in instability in middle east. France is already leaving no stone unturned to get Russia and Iran’s support to launch a heavy attack on Isis. By supporting assad’s regiem Iran is pulling the strings that will ultimately lead to an Iran Saudia Arabia war.

If I see this world from my vantage point it seems to me a wild place where on the guise of war civilizations are being spifflicated, by ignoring that only terror and affright would be created out of this ash of humanity. When you will burn the schools and infrastructure, forget the humanity and get indulged in unbecoming actions, pervert the justice system , destabilized the democracies, even then you don’t want to face the music. Terrorism is an ideology not a person whom you can shoot down. Fear and prejudice have clouded the western mind. On the other hand power vacuum in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Libya has marked irrecoverable loss.

Precisely nothing would be achieved on the cost of human beings. If the west sincerely want to make a remarkable effort in order to maintain democratic system work in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and in Syria then let the democracy flourish with its essence in Middle East and put an end to the manipulation of poor and helpless people.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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