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Pakistan – Kabool hai!!

From the very childhood we used to listen stories from our grand parents. I use to talk a lot about very old time experiences with my Nani (grand mother) who migrated from Pakistan (Un-divided) India in 1947 when she was about 14 years old.

Every one knows what happened to those families & especially when they lost all assets, relatives, friends and also lost of lives of their family members. That whole story I’ve discussed with my Nani many times. She always said one thing at the end of the story that she still remembered everything very clearly & if she would reach the railway station (Mandi Bahuddin), she could find her house.

I gave her challenge to prove whether she still can find her house or not???

I’m going to Pakistan tonight with my Nani & Sister. We would reach Lahore tomorrow. Moving to Mandi Bahuddin railway station on 30th Nov morning & let’s see what will happen!!

Initiative taken by me (Gaurav Uppal) to develop healthy relations to our neighbour country to promote love & peace!

The Next Day

Today, I have achieved my ultimate mission to take my Nani ji to all the way from India to her birth place where she spent her childhood.

“Superb people, Especially when I said we are from India, everyone offered us tea, one guy spend 3-4 hours with us to help finding old temples, gurdwara, school & finally our house.

Posted by Gaurav Uppal

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