SCAM ALERT : Facebook Page Collecting Money By Fake Means

From 2 days there is a video that is making rounds on facebook in which a person named Abdul Majid Qureshi is giving free lunchboxes to needy ones on streets of Peshawar. But on 13th April a page named ” Mai Pakistani Hoon” having about 500k likes uploaded the video on their page claiming it that it was one of their members and also the person gave his personal account for people to donate which is extremely sad and disappointing as the person was collecting money in his bank account on a video which was not his property.






The video lasted for a good 2 days until the owner of video got to know about it. The video is still their on there page but the person has deleted his bank account details.
We at The Logical Pakistani request all of our community members to please check the aunthenticity  before donating.

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