Muslims help build church for Christians in Gojra


Locals of a Muslim majority village, Chak Number 143 have joined hands with ten Christian households to build a church that was lacking in the area, reported Friday.

Reportedly, Faryal Maseeh set out to build a church for around 70 Christian locals who inhabit the village.

As soon as Maseeh came forward with the project, a Christian woman, Basheeran Bibi voluntarily donated her three Marla piece of land for construction. Meanwhile, Muslim residents of the village started helping out Maseeh and others to give the village its first ever church.

Incidents that suggest better future of the country in context of no sectarian violence are rare.

A local, Muhammad Asif said that the residents were setting an example of religious goodwill. Another resident, Muhammad Umair said that contribution of Muslims in construction of a church taught a lesson of tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

The village has no separate colony for the followers of Christianity and families, following either of the both religions live in harmony. Maseeh and Basheeran Bibi among other members of the Christian community thanked the religious majority in the village for its support.

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