Intersex: The New Taboo

Intersex: The New Taboo

As how many people misinterpret the fact that transgender and hermaphrodite are two different kinds. The experts have given an umbrella term to all of them from LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender) to LGBTI (I stands for Intersex) although intersex does not fall into the same category as others.

Transgender includes the cross-dressers, queers, Hijras, she-males; however, there are some fine lines in defining what each of these stands for but yet the most easiest to be understood are the Intersex, as they are born with a physical and hormonal deformity.

The Transgender

Most of the transgender (men to women) are the ones who are impotent; however, they give themselves away to the Trans community where they are castrated by the Gurus. These types of Trans are known as Hijras in India whereas most of the Trans are not like this anymore. They have modernized themselves and now undergo the sex change surgeries to transform themselves into the opposite sex; male to female and female to male.

The Hijra trend has come from India. Many Pakistani Trans follow this pattern as well as a source of income. The difference between Pakistani and Indian Hijras is that Hijra community in India worships Bahuchara Maata (a particular God for the trans community in India) whereas a Muslim Hijra worship Allah like any other Muslim male and female, they fast during the holy month of Ramadan and perform Hajj as a male.

The Hermaphrodite

Trans are different than the Hermaphrodite in a way that the hermaphrodite are born in a way that their gender is not identified or is incomplete due to their biological characteristics.

Hermaphrodite or intersex is the ones who have both the features of a man and woman in themselves. They have some sex organs of a male, and some are of females or vice versa.
There’s another kind of intersex in which they are incomplete. There is a male hermaphrodite and also a female hermaphrodite. The difference between them and a normal male and a female is that the male hermaphrodite has comparatively small or regressed sexual organs as compared to a normal male. Whereas, a female hermaphrodite has no sexual organ at all which is why she cannot get married and cannot enjoy the pleasures of being a complete woman.

Being an intersex is not a choice. It’s a Godsend deformity which one has no control over. Yet, our society is so reluctant on accepting them as one of the creations of God.

Islam allows an intersex to get married

Islam allows the intersex to get married (who can by aligning their gender). On the off chance that they are a male and are attracted towards a female, then they can wed a female, and if they are a female and are pulled in towards a male, then they may marry a male. For God made the fascination of the male to female and female to male.

In this manner, if trans have their place in Shariah (Islamic law) according to a religious committee, then intersex have their rights in Islam as well. If the trans may marry then, the intersex may marry too to whom they wish to do as such.

Rights of The Intersex in The Light of Islam

Islam gives all the due rights of intersex individuals. They are to be dealt with as ordinary people. All the ethical standards and standards which are intrinsic in every person paying little heed to their sexual orientation or any deformity or incapacity is given to them equally by Islam.

They are individual with equivalent rights in the public eye and society ought not to be dealt with gravely as is done in general with these people. At large, they have been called awful and evacuated and evaded. On the premise of this, they frame their particular groups and do lots of lewdness, a ton of enticement, and they turn out to be substantially more powerless against terrible things.

Besides, I request to every one of the partners including religious and group pioneers to perform their part by adjusting the confusions and misinterpretations individuals hold related to hermaphrodite. It won’t just advantage the humankind yet would likewise be valuable for our society’s peace and harmony!

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