Making a Road to Success

Life has many ups and downs that everyone has to go through, but the thing is how much one bears the hindrances in his path and takes it to the highest level. As we grow up, we cope and observe different faces of society where you have to live at, however, you want to bring change in that but you stay quit because you are afraid that might be someone will target you for what you are doing. When if you’re moving with good wishes and for what could be the better for the society you will have more enemies than friends. Everyone will discourage you not to go ahead except few. Because they don’t want to make you successful, therefore you’ve to take all these things with you and identify who is a well-wisher for you if you’re utmost desiring for success let it be done, keep on striving until and unless you reach that level.

Let me describe; I am a villager and before moving to a city I lived with my parents in the village, but there wasn’t quality education. I used to go every day and had conversations with mates and came back to home. After some time, my father realized that we should migrate to the city due to financial and social reasons he always used to say, my son!

“Everyone in his life has a particular goal that he has to struggle for, even you study in books, and you might have heard about famous persons of the world how they fought and reached the success. So you have to keep an aim that what direction you have to fly towards and often instructed me to observe the things wherever you’re standing, sitting, walking along. This will make you search out the reasons why and how things happen. When I moved to a city with my parents, I felt boring most of the time and missed my village, days that I spent with my cousins and school friends. I watched tv all the day, this way a month passed.

One day I remembered the pieces of advice that my father always gave to me, I went in deep thoughts that what am I doing without having any aim in life? Will I have to be engaged with tv shows, not? I decided to talk my father to send me for studies because now I don’t have friends to enjoy with, after going there I will make new friends and continue my studies. Thus, I discussed with my father and asked him to allow me a distance away from home that I wanted to study. My dad smiled at me and replied, “I am surprised that my son has become bold like this, he is ready to go away from home that’s good son, you have identified yourself.” That time my father was happy and sad because he was thinking of me how will I stay away from home. But after some time my father put the stone on his heart and got me admitted to an academy.

Since then, I used to cry everyday because it was my first time to live away from home and this trouble created a passion in me that if I have come here now I have to work hard keeping all things aside. Time has passed, I passed the test and got admitted in University and now it’s my fourth year still going with the same passion. I am a top student at university and working with different organizations voluntarily. Reading books is a good thing but altogether you have to be a good researcher and to be engaged in extra-curriculum activities.

So, I will suggest the readers please identify yourself once in life that what you have to do actually? What are your goals that can take you to the success, no matter how many hindrances will come your way but keep in mind if God has sent you on earth, He would’ve planned good for you.

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