Amazing People Like Him Do Exist!


On Tuesday night around 8PM I ordered myself an UBER, unlike all the posts I’ve read about bad experiences I’ve never had one with UBER.

I dropped an envelope of sixteen thousand Rupees in the car while getting off at my friends house. After a few hours when I realized the envelope was missing I checked everywhere possible and couldn’t find the money! Next morning when I woke up I had several missed calls from a random number when I called back, this gentleman answered and said ‘miss apkay paisay reh Gaye thay meri gari Mai’ (Miss you left your money in my car). He said he came back to my house twice to to give the money back to me but no one was home, so then he came to my office and handed me the cash I had dropped in his car.

Where everyone is painting a bad picture of Pakistan I wanted to share this amazing experience I had, people like Muhammad Bilal is what we need to make this country a better place.

Amazing people like him do exist.

Credits: Ridda Ali

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