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Ali Nawaz Soomro

I am Ali Nawaz Soomro and I belong to Thar, located in Sindh, Pakistan. I was born without limbs but despite my limitation, I am currently studying in Hyderabad and living independently. I am often invited as a motivational speaker to various events.

  1. Nothing is difficult if you have a strong will, I live alone as my family resides in the village and I take care of myself, I have never depended on anyone.
  2. Not only my parents, but also, my siblings and my friends support me completely. I believe that since God has not made me dependent on any one, I am not disabled and this is the message I want to give to others. If you know anyone who is disabled, please support that person so that he/she can become someone and is able to spend his/her life as ably as any other person.

My English is not that strong as I have recently shifted to Hyderabad for my education, before this I used to live and study in the village, they did not have English as a subject, however, we were taught Urdu and Sindhi.

To know more about me, please visit my Facebook page, I have uploaded content from my various sessions on my official page:

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