Two School Girls kidnapped from School by a Police Officer

It seems that rather controlling the law and order, Sindh police has got new duty to stop students from copying at examination centers, but whether it is the job of the police to stop students copying in the examination? Are they even allowed to enter examination halls?

Here is a disturbing picture of ASP Zahida Parveen Jamro arresting a 10th-grade student along with teacher and external Moinuddin while his monitoring visit at Ghulam Hussain Hidayat Ullah School at Paka Qila. The Student was harassed and was found screaming when he saw cops taking him away.

Sindh Police Arresting

This sad incident has come out this time from Ghotki district of Sindh, where ASP Asif Bahadur took two female students of grade 11 in his custody and took them into police mobile and roamed the mobile in entire city. News stories also claim that both the female students had been locked in the DC Office for two hours, after which they were sent home.

The question is that how could male police personnel detain two female students of the college and ask them to sit beside male cops in police mobile? The worst punishment for cheating in exam hall is “Copy Case” and sending the student out from the exam hall, but to take students in custody is something serious and I’m wondering if this is the job of the police to do? then what is the job of the ministry of Education? What is the job of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, if not monitoring the exams and punishing the students?

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Sindh Government and IG Sindh A D Khawaja should take strict action against police officers like ASP Zahida Parveen Jamro and ASP Asif Bahadur. Furthermore, IG Sindh Mr. A D Khawaja speaks about merit in Sindh police, now he should also tell these meritorious officers what are the duties and responsibilities of police.

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