Asia’s only Sufi university facing shutdown

The University of Sufism & Modern sciences ( international university of Sufism & Peace) Bhit Shah is facing a shutdown situation as no classes are being run since last eight months: sources told Sindh Post.

Presently the university’s existence is also a big question as The Sindh government has only put this university on papers only.

At the moment the campus is affiliated with Sindh university offering 7 courses of modern sciences along with the course of Sufism but in a period of 4 years the pro- vice-chancellor Mr. Aslam Parvez was politically removed in just 1.5 years.

Currently, there are 350 students enrolled with a question and concern about the future of the institute.

Sources have told Sindh Post that the land for the construction of the university is identified but not bought yet.

The charter of the university was approved by the Sindh Assembly in 2011 since then the Government seems nonserious to finalize the dream project of Their slain leader Benazir Bhutto.

The parents of the students have appealed the Sindh Government to look after the serious issues of the institute as soon as possible.

Bhit Shah is situated in Matiyari district of Sindh and known as the final resting place of Asia’s well-known saint poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. The concept of the Sufi university in the area was to promote his message of peace and love to all over the world.


This article was originally published in The SindhPost.

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