Famous Pakistani Scholar Allama Talib Johri Passes Away

“Pakistan faces another loss of life; Renounced Islamic Scholar Allama Talib Johri passes away due to ongoing illnesses in Karachi ”.

Famous Pakistani Scholar Allama Talib Johri passed away on 22 June 2020 in a private hospital in Karachi due to cardiovascular disease. After complaints of chest infection, he was admitted into a private hospital on June 10th, before finally passing away on June 22nd. His family will announce the details of his death later.

allama talib johri


Allama Talib Johri was truly a man of God. A recognized Islamic scholar, poet, writer, and philosopher. He was born on 27 August 1939 in Patna, Bihar, British India. He was heavily influenced by the teaching of Islam and made it his motto to spread knowledge about religion. 

He was known to often do sermons and lectures on different principles of Islam. He supported every ethnic and sectarian group and promoted religious tolerance. His sermons involved the teaching of Islam and the completion and fulfilment of Allah’s commands and orders, and the ways of the Holy Prophet(PBUH). 

 He studied Islamic theology under Ayatollah al Uzma Sayyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei. He also learned Islamic principles under his father Maulana Muhammad Mustafa Jauhar who was also a famous Islamic scholar.

Although he is mainly renowned for his writing in  Hadees e Karbala he has also written the book Alamat e Zahoor e Mehdi but also a knowledgeable and detailed commentary of the Quran. Hre also wrote books on other aspects of Islam that include Zikray Masoom, Nizaam Hayat-e-Insani, Khulafaey Isna A’shr. He has also written some Urdu poetry, the likes of which include Harf-e-Namoo,  Pas-e-Afaq, Shakh e Sada.allama talib johri bookallama talib johri bookallama talib johri book

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