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Coronavirus In Pakistan And Its After Effects



It makes me question if a future in Pakistan is worth witnessing?, whether our education systems will get better, whether Pakistan’s healthcare system has all commodities it will ever need, and if poverty and the economy pose a greater threat to Pakistan then any other. The recent coronavirus pandemic has exhausted our resources, yet it has gone about exposing the bigger threats our country will face after the pandemic is over.


The ongoing pandemic exposed the incompetence and flaws of our education system. The fact that from kindergarten to high school, students are dependent on hour-long broadcasting of content from their respective syllabi is ample proof for this argument. Kindergarteners are asked to chant what the tutor reads which helps achieve no ground whatsoever. There is increasing concern that the younger generation has no passion for learning Pakistan’s national language and are heavily reliant on their regional language.

Regardless of being the world’s fifth most populated country, 40% of Pakistan’s youth is illiterate. It is expected the pandemic will cause a drop in enrollment numbers, increasing the percentage of the illiterate population. Schools in the private sector have a set curriculum as well as online systems to keep the education going, whereas the Government schools have sent its students home on hold with nothing but blank cards. The precariousness of the education system has led many to believe that there might be a future synonymous with a tempestuous wind ahead of it.


Amidst the lockdown businesses and offices have been driven to being closed. There are mixed responses towards complete lockdown which has caused tension amongst the people, the unfortunate population has been facing burdens like no other, constantly being dragged along. This has provoked an aggressive approach from their side due to mistrust.

Since the lockdown, Pakistan’s trade activity has impeded, seizing all exports. Non-tax revenue also experienced a loss of Rs 102 billion. A contraction of 0.% was recorded due to a hefty loss of Rs 3.3 trillion, and a loss of Rs 900 billion of expected Rs 4900 billion was also recorded; this loss was potential revenue loss. It is alleged that in the future salaries will be cut down following the shortfall of revenue.


With the Coronavirus situation worsening and the case exceeding 160,000 and the total death being recorded at about 3100, healthcare professionals are still pleading the government to take nimble-witted decisions instead of imposing their self proclaimed ‘smart lockdown’, which is neither ‘smart’ nor a ‘lockdown’ for that matter. The frontline officials still struggle to convince a vast majority of people who claim that COVID is nothing but a hoax, even though they see that many health workers have lost their lives. And the remaining are fearful of increasing aggression. In an interview with BBC News, this is what one had to say.

The situation has worsened to a point that on being confirmed, patients with coronavirus are referred to other hospitals due to lack of space. Many officials have broken down claiming that they don’t even have the appropriate equipment and kits to handle this ongoing pandemic. There is a shortage of ventilators (a piece of essential equipment to deal with corona), the expected number to be hovering between 3000- 3500. It has been confirmed that many isolation facilities have run out of space including MH (Military Hospital) and other institutions.


The main political leaders have different views when it comes to lockdown. PM Imran Khan has expressed his concerns for his unfortunate part of the population by the following statements:“Twenty-five per cent of Pakistanis are below the poverty line. Today if I impose a complete lockdown, then my country’s rickshaw drivers, pushcart vendors, taxi drivers, small shopkeepers, daily wage earners … all of them will be shut in their homes.”  

Imran Khan believes that a total lockdown would be more damaging than the coronavirus pandemic itself, causing the hunger to kill them before the pandemic dose. He has also proposed the idea of a smart lockdown, which is currently under effect.

On the other hand,  PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto stands on the other side of the plank, believing that a full lockdown should be imposed. Recently, even making a statement on twitter:

Pakistan must move towards a #lockdown. Every hour, every day that we delay is going to make dealing with the pandemic more difficult. We’re already late, should’ve done it earlier, need decisive action ASAP to mitigate this crisis now. ⅓”.

Chairman Bilawal also criticized Imran Khan’s inability to manage the current situation effectively, saying that Imran Khan has “rubbed salt in the wounds of people of Sindh “.


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