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Hadiqa Kiani Life And Career


Hadiqa Kiani has been a household name when it comes to the music industry. She has shown her talent from an early age and professionally started her career around the late 80s.  She was born to her father and Khawar Kiani, a renowned poet. Hadiqa was a sibling to Irfan Kiani and Sasha out of which she was the youngest. Unfortunately, her family faced the loss of her father when she was just 3 years old. Her career started as a background vocalist who would often work in movies, the most notable being ‘Sargam’.hadiqa kiani

Her career started when her mother to acknowledge her singing capabilities and enrolled her into Pakistan National Council of Arts. Madam Nargees Nahid is recorded to be her one of her earliest mentors. After moving to Lahore when she was in the eighth grade she studied music under Ustad Faiz Ahmed Khan and Wajid Ali Nashad, during this time she was the representative of Pakistan international children festivals in Bulgaria, Turkey and also Jordan. She got a bachelor’s in Psychology from the Kinnard college of women university and masters from Government College University (Lahore). She was part of a weekly televised musical ‘Raang Barangi Dunya’ and co-hosted the early 90s show ‘Angan Angan Taray ’ Amjad bobby and Khalil Ahmed.



Hadiqas albums have remained to be very successful throughout. From her debut in 1995 with the RAAZ album to her most recent WAJD in 2017.

RAAZ 1995

In 1995 her first albums were released which was a friendly solo hits album and it earned a respectable position in Pakistan’s music industry. She was the first female from an educated background to release pop-albums after Nazia Hassan had given up her career. In1997 she became the first Asian singer to perform on the British national lottery live which further spread her name. She also gained recognition for being able to sing in many different languages.


The Roshni album had even wider success; including songs like the 1999 WorldCup anthem and the widely known song dupatta. It also included singles like ‘ Woh Kaun Hai’and ‘Roshni’anf the most popular of the bunch ‘Boohey Barian’. The albums were so popular and were labelled as platinum-selling, over a million copies.

RAANG 2002

The album debuted in 2002 and many hits were released, a popular song like ‘Jogi Bun k Aya’ was also released In the following years.


In 2007, the world got to see another part of Hadiqa’s talent. In collaboration with Aamir Zaki, she released an album which was strictly English, they both had worked together and the band received mass popularity. Her song ‘ Living This Lie’ received mass popularity and was also awarded the best English song at the 2007 Musik Award ceremony.


Aassman was a widely loved album contained songs that were not only just Urdu and English but also included other languages. Her song ‘Janan’ a song in collaboration Irfan khan was so popular that it even surpassed the popularity of ‘boohey barian’.

WAJD 2017

Her recent most albums was an album focusing on folk songs. It gained popularity amongst people quickly earning it the best album of the year award by Lux style awards.


.Haqiqa remains to be a prominent music public figure in Pakistan she has gained wide success locally and globally and her music is existing proof of her talent. She has also been a judge on the show Pakistan idol and received the tamgha-e- Azam by the Pakistani government and has also been mentioned in several leading new papers.

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