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Another Case Of Police Police Brutality Takes Place In KPK



On many different social media platforms, a video surfaced a few days ago which involved around four police officers harassing a man; stripping him naked, and beating him down until he pleaded. The 3 policemen and Station Head Officer were arrested and suspended. The PTI government and Tehkal police were continually criticized for the heinous act (although there is no involvement of PTI)by many public figures and politicians who say they found this abuse of power extremely disturbing and provoking. 

Amir Tehkal,  the person being abused in the video was of an afghan background. He was captured after he explicitly threatened the police and cursed on them in a viral video a few days prior. In response, he was humiliated and harassed, he was stripped naked and was pushed and dragged like a dog. This type of humiliation is bound to destroy his future life and his relation with his family. Many people took it to social media to ask that the action should not be just taken against Amir but with all those who are involved.

Reports say that he was originally taken in custody by the Agha Mir Jani Shah, a police officer, and was handed over to the Tehkal police who proceeded to film him. The KP Chief Minister and Inspector General of the police in KP demanded immediate punishment of the three police officers and the Station Head Officer. An investigation further in the case was demanded by the Director-General of Human Rights Department with the supervision of a director deputy. The people of Pakistan have taken voice against this disgusting action and have raised awareness on this matter.

Province wide protests have started as a result of police brutality mainly in places like Peshawar, Swabi, Charsdda; as a result people are asking for an end to police brutality. Many claim that this type of brutality won’t stop until severe actions are taken against the police officers who continue their brutality and make sure that their abuse doesn’t go public.

Similar cases like these have taken place all over the country. The police have continuously misused their power and have brutally injured and killed men, women, the elderly as well as children. This can be seen in an incident when police intercepted a family vehicle of four. Although they claimed that the car had suspected terrorists inside, no one was identified as a terrorist and no guns or bullets were found inside the car. This type of violation of rights should not be permissible regardless of what the person has done. Though it was correct that Amir was drunk and he disrespected the police, stripping him naked and humiliating him is going too far for the crime he did.

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