The Untold Truth Of Transgenders In Pakistan



Feminists of Pakistan have raised a voice against the violence they are subjected to, but their motive is inexplicit. They go on a rant talking about being subjected to harassment, male dominance, and sexual assault, the problem begins here; they only fight for themselves. The transgender community of Pakistan suffers these types of assaults daily but their claims are brushed of claiming that they choose to do it when they don’t. Our society has become increasingly ignorant towards such cases giving rise in these cases. But nothing can be said much about this being a fault of the feminist; maybe they do not know of these cases.

Transgenders are declared as the heinous, corrupt and disgusting part of society but are they really what people say they are? The transgendered people have been deemed prostitutes because they perform vulgar dances and shameful acts, but has anyone ever asked them if it happened with their consent or not? whether they were paid for it or not? whether they were forced to do this or not ?. Well, neither do they have consent to commit any act nor are they paid for it, many trans describe themselves as items that are used(in this case abused) and then are thrown away to rot. 


Being human they deserve respect like any other human but they are denied their rights because they are “different”, the type of “different” our society can not handle. But let me tell you that this difference can not be made into an excuse to shun them from society. They are isolated for no reason; upon being born they are given away or even killed and the ones who survive are forced to live in a cruel world that allows them to be harassed and be sexually exploited by people who think that abusing them will prove their dominance when it proves how stupid, uneducated and filthy the person is.  Society has grilled transgenders so much it seems that criminals have more rights than transgenders.

 Recently, many cases have surfaced in Pakistan which shows that transgenders are subjected to rape and gang violence more than any other gender. These vultures like Jaja badmash have molested the trans to commit unspeakable actions, forcing the victims to drink their urine, whipping them with belts and shoes.jaja badmash and transgenderts


The transgender community has suffered too much for too long at the hand of others and at the hands of people who betray them and use them as sex slaves. Many transgender has been hanged publicly, killed for so-called fabricated allegations, where in most cases its is them who are innocent and not the other way around. 

 Julie, a transgender originally from Sialkot but currently in Faisalabad has actively fought for the cause of trans people during recent times. Her story in itself is an emotional roller coaster as she was forced to leave her house at the age of 11. After three days of being homeless, she was invited her to a shelter by another trans who let her be exploited and harassed for over a decade until she left for Islamabad where she made efforts to achieve trans right which eventually led to her success, as she became an advocate and activist for the rights of transgenders.

Not just Julie but many transgendered people have made an effort to improve their social status and their struggle has been rewarded as many of them have landed on respectable and sound positions. For too long have they suffered at the hands of our barbaric society and it is time to make a change, to make a society that is not just safe for us but also safe and kind towards a minority that often goes unnoticed and is misunderstood.

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